Over 68 million people worldwide are in wheelchair. Teenagers aged between eleven and eighteen years old are making up a considerable fraction of this whole population, with important social difficulties. In order to improve the social statements of neurological disorder patients and to them interact in a better way with their environment, the wheelchair can be replaced by an exoskeleton system. Although many exoskeletons are under development all over the world, none of them is dedicated to teenager patients for whom the main difficulty is related to the growth of the patient’s body. 

The aim of th Challenged Exo, co-chaired by Samer Alfayad and Bastien Berret, is to develop a scalable exoskeleton devoted to teenagers. It is organized around three main projects:

  • Project 1: Scalable exoskeleton design and structure 
  • Project 2: New actuation in exoskeletons 
  • Project 3: Full-body robotic exoskeleton control.