The French electrical system was designed in the fifties around big installations of productions (hydraulic valleys then nuclear power plants) connected to a highly meshed transport network. This organization allowed a centralized management of the balance between demand and supply with as main criterion the minimization of the total cost. A series of changes has recently occurred, including technological advances, societal aspirations, and regulatory evolutions.

These changes impose to completely reshape the decision-making tools driving the management of the electric system and even to invent new ones. The Challenge Energy, coordinated by Sandrine Charousset and François Alouges, has identified two projects:

  • Project 1: New tools for optimizing the electric system 
  • Project 2: Design of new customer offers by experimental economy 

The research effort will be conducted in tight collaboration between academic players and private companies such as EDF and Thales, in the framework of Program Gaspar Monge for Optimization (PGMO)